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Equine therapy is a growing world-wide phenomenon because it works.
Horses help heal abuse trauma, addiction, crippling fear, post traumatic stress, and many more emotional wounds.
These articles and videos are about some of those dramatic transformations.


“Listening to Horses is About Hearing Ourselves.”


How Do Horses Communicate With Us? … Heart to Heart


What is equine-assisted psychotherapy?


Sexual abuse survivors find joy and healing through horse therapy


How Horses Heal Our Emotional Wounds


Horses That Heal: How Equine Therapy Is Helping People Find Peace of Mind


How Horses Help Us Heal


Youth, Addiction, Horses and Healing


The Horse, A Gift For All Seasons


Saratoga WarHorse… Saving the Lives of Our Veterans


Veterans With PTSD, Horses and Healing


Horses, Autism, and Healing

featuring Dr. Temple Grandin, professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins


Robert Redford on Horses, Healing, and the Book Riding Home